Our firm was founded in 1980 by our father Şükrü Balban with the name of “Nuts Who Loved As a Small Business”. We opened our first branch in 2001 in Antalya, and we opened our second branch in 2007 in our 380m2 full-fledged facility in DenizliSerinhisar district. We are a company that has maintained its honesty in this direction with its honesty principle since the day it was founded. We are adding the new chickpea varieties that we manufacture every passing day, and we are counting the day of making the production without touching by completing our 2000 m2 factory construction that we have laid the foundation of ..

Our Mission

To provide services to our environment by creating as many jobs as possible in accordance with the world standards, without compromising the principles of quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction in an understanding of innovative, dynamically efficient and reliable team spirit with our strong, young technical staff.

Our Vision

Being a successful and reliable company on our country basis by ensuring excellence in all our activities, keeping business ethics at the highest level, BALBAN KURUYEMİŞ LIMITED COMPANY is our biggest goal as a family.